Scene Demos 6-in-1 - An Atari 2600 VCS Demo Collection

Release: April 2013

View in emulator running in web-browser: Stellerator


How It Came To Be

The idea hit me at Revision 2013. In the row before me, there was one guy running a demo on his C64. I wanted the same for my 2600. And I had to be as much demo as possible. So I came up with the idea of putting several demos in one cartridge. The biggest fun was asking around for perimssion to compile the stuff. They answer was almost always: "of course, but it's not possible".

The demos were selected by personal taste mostly: "ISO" and "Stella Lives!" were a must, as I was partying with Jac! and Tjoppen at the Revision and these demos are great. "Sphera Stellarium" also is mindblowing, the rest came as a combination of what was technically possible, and what was above average.

real programmers code in binary So after I got home, I started hackihng away in a rather uncommon setup: using the disassembler in Action Replay running in VICE C64 emulator and then ran the result in Stella. For this Jac! "awarded" me with the image on the right, which is originally available at the webpage of ZeroOne Editor. I needed a few free Bytes to throw the bankswitching routine in there. And this in five of the demos. Once I realized that there was one demo that left about 3K unused, I managed to throw in "drip.bin" and an easteregg. (Take a look at "Instructions" below.)

"drip.bin" needed to be ported from NTSC to PAL, which I mananged to accomplish by using slightly more than the 128 bytes of the original.

One demo after another the collection came together. First only two, then three, and so on. The final effort was to squeeze in the easteregg.

The result was released just on my website and as soon as it was finished and announced on pouet, where it got quite good comments.


Just plug in and enjoy. There is a secret part that can be accessed by selecting B/W mode and holding Game Select at the end of drip.bin. After the secret part starts, you can let go of Game Select. Switching back to color mode will leave the hidden part.

Note: This demo is not SuperCharger compatible, as it is way too large.


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