The Sorbus Computer:
Apple Computer 1

The Sorbus Computer is capable of running like an Apple Computer 1, or Apple I for short.

The implementation can not be 100%, since the terminal is implemented totally different. So the typical "startup screen" consisting of the "_@"-combination repeated all over the screen is not reproduced. Neither is the flashing "@" used as for the cursor.

Meta Keys

The Apple 1 keyboard only uses uppercase characters. So lowercase characters are automatically converted. But still, a couple of keys are still unused, those are used for meta functions:

clear screen
disable original terminal output delay
enable original terminal output delay
(future expansion)

Examples For Using Apple Computer 1 Core


WozMon knows four operations: read bytes, read ranges, write and execute. The first line of a box is what is entered, the rest is the output by WozMon.

Dump a single byte of memory:


FF00: D8

Dump more that one byte at a time

FF00 FF03

FF00: D8
FF03: 7F

Dump a range of bytes of memory:


FF00: D8 58 A0 7F 8C 12 D0 A9
FF08: A7 8D 11 D0 8D 13 D0 A9

Write to memory:

0: 53 56 4F 4C 4C 49

0000: 05

The output is from the dump command implied before the colon. Let's check if our write to memory was successful:


0000: 53 56 4F 4C 4C 49

Without an address, data gets appended:


0006: 00

0000: 20 56 4F 4C 4C 49 20 21

Execute a program in memory by appending to "R" the address

FF00 R

FF00: D8\

Pre-Installed Software

Also loaded is the KRUSADER ROM which contains more tools.

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